Sino-German Workshop „Doping of Organic and Synthetic Electronic Materials“

part of the Sino-German Mobility Program


Stefan C.B. Mannsfeld
TU Dresden

Yong Xu
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications


Monday 24th June

TimeLocationTitle & Authors
11:15Hall 1Polymeric Schottky diodes with i-n homojunction (#565)
T. Kaneta1, N. Osakabe1, Y. Yamashita2, 1, S. Watanabe1, J. Takeya1, 2
11:30Plenary HallNovel Concepts for Low-Absorption Dopants Enabling High-Efficiency OLEDs and Organic Solar Cells (#754)
J. Stolz1, L. Eymann1, D. Samigullina1, J. Vahland1, M. Papmeyer1, S. Dorok1
11:30Hall 5Enhanced low-frequency noise in a carrier-doped Mott-insulating OFET channel (#319)
T. Thyzel1, T. Sasaki2, M. Lang1, H. Yamamoto3, J. Müller1
12:00Hall 1Electron Donating Functional Polymer Dielectrics to Reduce the Threshold Voltage of n-type Organic Thin-Film Transistors (#5)
B. Ronnasi1, B. Lessard1
13:30Hall 5Doped Organic Semiconductors – Opportunities in Thermoelectrics and Bioelectronics (#820)
M. Thelakkat1, 2, M. Goel1, A. Hochgesang1, A. Erhardt1
14:15Hall 5Effects of Microstructure on Thermoelectric and Charge Transport Properties of Doped Polymer Thin-Films (#239)
J. Park1, J. Kwak1
14:30Hall 5Impact of Counterion Size and Doping Concentration on the Electronic and Thermoelectric Properties of Semiconducting Polymers (#658)
K. Baustert1, J. Bombile1, M.T. Rahman1, A. Yusuf1, R. Li2, A. Huckaba1, C. Risko1, K. Graham1
16:45Hall 1Understanding How to Control Efficiency of Benzimidazoline Based n-type Dopants: A Structural Approach (#604)
F. Pallini1, G. Mattioli3, S. Mattiello1, M. Sassi1, A. D. Scaccabarozzi4, B. Kim2, T.-Q. Nguyen2, L. Beverina1
17:30Poster SessionEffects of n-type Doping on the Polarity of the Seebeck Coefficient of PNDIT2 Thin Films for Thermoelectric Applications (#200)
M. Siegert1, M. Hönig2, M. Sommer2, J. Pflaum1, 3
17:30Poster SessionUncovering Charge and Ion Dynamics in Heavily Doped Polymeric Semiconductors (#204)
T. Mustafa1, 2, I. Jacobs1, D. Tjhe1, X. Ren1, Y. Fu2, C. Grey2, H. Sirringhaus1
17:30Poster SessionDe-doping PEDOT:PSS thin-film with Nitrogen-doped Graphene Quantum Dots for Stable Thermoelectric Devices with Preserved Polymer Microstructure (#209)
J.H. Song1, J. Kwak1
17:30Poster Session
Fabrication and Characterization of PEDOT:PSS Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors (#234)
H. Okuzaki1
17:30Poster SessionEnhanced Thermoelectric Performance of Doped PBTTT Films by Machine-Learning-Assisted Process Optimization (#279)
J. Jeong1, S. Park1, J. Park1, J. Kwak1
17:30Poster SessionSynthesis of wide-bandgap perovskites for optimal matching of high-performance perovskite/Ag-doped CIGS tandem solar cells (#876)
J. Lee1, S.-J. Sung1, S.Y. Kim1, D.-H. Jeon1, H.J. Jo1, K.-J. Yang1, J.-K. Kang1, D.-H. Kim1

Tuesday 25th June

TimeLocationTitle & Authors
11:30Hall 1Unlocking the challenge for n-type hybrid perovskite doping (#694)
Z. Molenda1, 2, B. Politi4, R. Clerc4, S. Chambon1, 3, D. M. Bassani2, 3, L. Hirsch1, 3
12:00Hall 5The light-emitting electrochemical cell: Controlling in situ doping for efficient and sustainable function (#612)
L. Edman1
14:15Hall 5Thin films of electron donor-acceptor complexes: characterisation of mixed-crystalline phases and implications for electrical doping (#15)
A. Opitz1, G. Duva2, M. Gebhardt3, H. Kim3, E. Meister3, T. Meisel1, P. Beyer1, V. Belova2, C. Kasper4, J. Pflaum4, L. Pithan5, A. Hinderhofer2, F. Schreiber2, W. Brütting3
14:30Hall 3Improving Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors: from Dispersions and Printing to Device Engineering (#155)
M. Ourabi1, B. H. Lessard1
14:45Hall 2Controlled Doping of the Active Layer as a possible Performance Enhancer in Organic Solar Cells (#188)
M. Nyman1, S. Dahlström1, J. Gennadiev1, D. Österbacka1, R. Österbacka1
16:00Plenary HallVoltage-Dependent Doping Efficiency in Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells: Unmasking the Silent Participants (#620)
J. Ràfols-Ribé1, 2, X. Zhang1, A. Kirch1, C. Larsen1, 2, L. Edman1, 2
16:45Hall 4In-operando spectroscopic characterization of non-equilibrium states in a highly doped polymer (#810)
I. Jacobs1, D. Tjhe1, X. Ren1, G. D’Avino2, T. Mustafa1, 3, T. Marsh1, L. Zhang1, Y. Fu3, A. Mansour4, 5, Y. Huang1, W. Zhu1, A. H. Unal1, V. Lemaur6, C. Quarti6, Q. He7, J.-K. Lee8, I. McCulloch9, M. Heeney7, N. Koch4, 5, C. Grey3, D. Beljonne6, S. Fratini2, H. Sirringhaus1
17:00Hall 3Stable and scalable chemical doping for advanced organic semiconductor devices (#78)
Y. Yamashita1, M. Ishii1, N. Osakabe2, T. Ohashi1, S. Barlow3, S. R. Marder3, S. Watanabe2, K. Ariga1, J. Takeya2
17:30Poster SessionCauses of the Thermal Breakdown of the Electrical Conductivity of Doped Organic Hole Transport Materials (#372)
S. A. Buchholtz1, T. Antrack1, H. Kleemann1, K. Leo1
17:30Poster SessionElectrical doping of metal halide perovskites (#505)
T. Schramm1, M. Deconinck1, R. Ji1, E. Siliavka1, Y. Hofstetter1, M. Löffler2, J. Brunner1, Y. Li2, S. Bitton3, N. Tessler3, Y. Vaynzof1
17:30Poster SessionSynthesis of Molecular and Polymeric Benzimidazoline-based N-Type Dopants (#537)
G. Paoli1, F. Pallini1, S. Mattiello1, L. Beverina1, M. Sassi1
17:30Poster SessionCharge accumulation and degradation properties of organic light-emitting diodes incorporating dipolar doping hole transport layers (#546)
M. Takeda1, A. Hofmann2, W. Bruetting2, Y. Noguchi1
17:30Poster SessionConductivity maxima in electrolyte-gated transistors with molecular-doped semiconducting polymer films (#557)
J. Lee1
17:30Poster SessionFrom Depletion mode to Accumulation mode via Copolymerization towards Self-doped Conjugated Polymers and Copolymers. (#909)
J. Hungenberg1, A. Hochgesang1, F. Meichsner1, M. Thelakkat1

Wednesday 26th June

TimeLocationTitle & Authors
10:30Hall 5Engineering Charge Transport Properties in Doped Conjugated Polymers for Organic Thermoelectrics (#857)
K. Cho1
11:15Hall 3Contact resistance and transconductance in organic electrochemical transistors; (#807)
N. Dreamer1, D. Koutsouras2, P. Gkoupidenis2, K. Asadi1
12:00Hall 5Precise and reproducible chemical doping of organic semiconductors using aqueous solution (#591)
M. Ishii1, Y. Yamashita1, 2, S. Watanabe2, K. Ariga1, 2, J. Takeya1, 2
12:15Hall 5Oligomer-based conductors modeling the doped PEDOT family (#346)
T. Fujino1, K. Onozuka1, R. Kameyama1, K. Matsuo1, S. Dekura1, H. Mori1
14:00Hall 5Efficient room-temperature phosphorescence of covalent organic frameworks through covalent halogen doping (#111)
E. Hamzehpoor1, 2, C. Ruchlin2, D. F. Perepichka2
16:00Hall 3Synthesis of 5-membered N-heterocycle based dimeric compounds and their use as n-type dopants in organic semiconductors (#418)
S. Mohapatra1, A. Shaikh1, S. Sahoo1, S. Barlow2, S. Marder2, 3
16:15Hall 3Charge Transport Properties in Electrochemically-Doped Conducting Polymer PBTTT (#650)
S.-I. Ito1, K. Kanahashi1, H. Tanaka1, B. Chen2, H. Ohta3, T. Takenobu1
16:45Hall 1Impact of Side Chain Chemistry and Symmetry on the Redox Properties of Acyclic Dioxythiophene Polymers (#803)
J. M. Rinehart1, A. M. Osterholm2, S. K. Yee3, J. R. Reynolds2, 1
17:30Poster SessionSurface Recombination in Organic Solar Cells: Intrinsic vs. Doped Active Layer (#667)
G. Akhtanova1, H. Parkhomenko1, J. Vollbrecht2, A. Mostovyi1, N. Schopp3, V. Brus1, 3
17:30Poster SessionEfficient inverted CsPbI3 perovskite solar cells enabled by surface doping (#716)
R. Ji1, 2, Y. Du1, 2, M. Deconinck1, 2, A. Wrzesińska-Lashkova1, 2, H. Heffner1, 2, Z. Zhang1, 2, Y. Vaynzof1, 2
17:30Poster SessionProbing the doping dynamics in OECT channels during operation: a pioneer work combining electrical and optical transient measurements (#733)
F. S. Günther1, 2, G. Gomez Higuita2, 3, H. F. P. Barbosa3, 4, P. B. Miranda2

Thursday 27th June

TimeLocationTitle & Authors
11:00Hall 4In-situ Spectroelectrochemistry of N-type Polymer Films for Flexible Electronics Applications (#410)
X. Sun1, S. Wang2, S. Ludwigs1
16:30Hall 3Counterion layers’ polarity-induced doping in organic conductors (#493)
H. Akutsu1, Y. Nakazawa1, S. Imajo2

Friday 28th June

TimeLocationTitle & Authors
11:00Hall 2Structural and vibrational properties of polarons in doped poly(3-alkyl-thiophene): a joint theoretical and experimental study. (#814)
C. Saporiti1, L. Brambilla1, D. Fazzi2, C. Castiglioni1
11:00Hall 3Underlying processes of electrochemical doping in conjugated polymers (#152)
S. T. Keene1, 2, J. E.M. Laulainen3, R. Pandya2, 5, M. Moser4, C. Schnedermann2, T. van der Pol6, S. Fabiano6, P. A. Midgley3, I. McCulloch4, A. Rao2, G. G. Malliaras1
11:45Plenary HallHost-guest doping systems towards organic room-temperature phosphorescence (#118)
Z. Cai1
11:45Hall 3Novel doping strategies for organic semiconductors (#720)
S. Fabiano1