ICSM, originally referencing synthetic metals within it’s title, is the longest-running conference series in the field of conducting and semiconducting organic materials. It started in the mid-1970’s with the advent of highly electrically conducting molecular crystals and conjugated polymers. The ICSM is recognized as the largest conference devoted to the field of organic electronics. It has been instrumental in showcasing many of the most important developments in the field over the last four decades. It has now become a premiere venue for discussion of the latest developments in the areas of organic electronics and photonics, from synthesis to characterization, computational modeling, device fabrication, and real-world applications. We are glad to bring ICSM back to Germany for the first time since 1990, especially for its 40 years anniversary.

Over the years, ICSM has been hosted in various locations around the world, reflecting its international stature. The ICSM has been held at Siofok (1976), New York (1977), Dubrovnik (1978), Helsingor (1980), Boulder (1981), Les Arcs (1982), Abano Terme (1984), Kyoto (1986), Santa Fe (1988), Tubingen (1990), Göteborg (1992), Seoul (1994), Snowbird (1996), Montpellier (1998), Bad Gastein (2000), Shanghai (2002), Wollongong (2004), Dublin (2006), and Porto de Galinhas (2008), Kyoto (2010), Atlanta (2012), Turku (2014), Guangzhou (2016), Busan (2018), Glasgow (2022).